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This all-in-one suite of products is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to improve their collaboration and productivity. With cloud-based email, sheets, documents, and presentations, the platform makes it easy to stay connected and organised, no matter where you are. Plus, the advanced security features keep your data safe at all times.

Introducing ZOHO Workplace

Take your office suite wherever you go with Zoho Workplace. This suite of tools offers you the freedom to work from anywhere while still staying connected to your team. With document, spreadsheet, and presentation sharing capabilities, you and your colleagues can collaborate on projects in real-time. Join the future of work, and experience the benefits of Zoho Workplace today.



Mail only

  • Email hosting for multiple domains

  • Domain aliases

  • Email routing

  • Email and Folder sharing

  • Streams - Collaboration tool

  • Offline access

  • Email recall

  • eWidget and Developer Space

  • Tasks, Notes and Bookmarks

  • IMAP/ POP access in email clients

  • Exchange Activesync

  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android



  • 30 GB Mail storage per user

  • 10 GB WorkDrive storage per user (Shared)

  • Email hosting for multiple domains

  • Domain aliases and Email routing

  • Huge Attachments upto 500 MB

  • Email and Folder sharing

  • Fully featured office suite with Zoho Writer (for documents), Zoho Sheet (for spreadsheets) and Zoho Show (for presentations)



  • 100 GB Mail storage + 100 GB Archival storage per user

  • 100 GB WorkDrive storage per user (Shared)

  • Everything in mail

  • Huge Attachments upto 1 GB

  • Archival and eDiscovery

  • Email backup and restoration

  • White labeling

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