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Uncapped  Fibre To Estate
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Fibre Internet

FTTH (Home fibre internet) is the new modern norm for internet connectivity & easily satisfies the need for fast uncapped internet to cater for the high demand for online activities.

Do you need  fast uncapped fibre internet with unbeatable fiber deals that is reliable, without breaking your piggy bank?

MWCOM Complex Fibre internet offers several benefits for both the body corporate as well as residents. Let MWCOM install uncapped fibre internet in your complex for free.

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How to get our uncapped fibre internet and take advantage of the cheapest fibre deals in your area?

MWCOM will happily invest in the FTTH fibre infrastructure in your complex for FREE. It is an open fibre internet service, & therefore you are still allowed to use whichever internet service providers you want to use, but since we are the best, you don’t need to look any further.


NO COSTS TO THE COMPLEX and the best home fibre deals for the residents. Various fibre uncapped deals available 

No Fibre coverage in the area, no problem.

  • Uncapped fibre internet with the cheapest fiber deals and unlimited downloading, tv streaming, and surfing with no throttling and no fair usage policy.

  • Uncapped internet without Telkom landline & no line rentals

  • Agent support from 8 am to 10 pm weekdays, and 8 am to 6 pm Weekends and Holidays

  • Free fibre installation with a free wifi router (Tenda Router)

  • Month to month contracts

  • Fast setup within 3-5 working days.

  • Cheapest fibre deals in my area

For The Residents
For The Complex
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  • Intercom and access control.

  • Communal DSTV.

  • CCTV in your complex.

  • We install a free fibre connection in every unit.

  • We install road facing security cameras which can link to a security company of choice.

  • A free 10mbps bandwidth connection to use with which to view your security cameras.

  • A free DSTV Fibre point installed in every unit.

  • We install a free intercom system at the gate.

  • You’ll get free Wifi access in communal areas such as a clubhouse.

  • Free CCTV point installations.

  • We set up a free intranet site to keep you updated on what’s happening in your complex.

Not only is it just your residents that get all the benefits. See what we offer to your complex as a bonus:

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